About Seco Groupe

SECO GROUPE, Inc. is an international outsourcing service company that houses SECO Hospitality, SECO Flight Services and SECO Security as its three primary businesses among other minor companies at a national and international level. The company is headquartered in Miami, Florida doing business in Nevada, California, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Illinois, Maine, Pennsylvania, Louisiana and North Carolina and ready to expand to other markets. Internationally, SECO GROUPE, Inc. has a presence in Haiti and Jamaica.

Our company started business in Louisiana in 2010 spreading to other states throughout the years thanks to the excellent delivery of service by our employees, our most precious asset.

Our customers come from different market segments featuring the hospitality industry at the core of our existence: hotels, resorts, casinos, convention centers, office buildings, restaurants and other segments such as residential, industrial, commercial and government facilities.

We pledge to continue our commitment of doing whatever is necessary to assure customer satisfaction, protection, safety and security of everything entrusted into our hands.

Our Locations

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